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Bankxit The Nigel Farage de-banking scandal - it's you next 8
BBC Shouldn't presstitution be illegal? 8
BREXIT Armageddon for believers in regionalization and one-world Government 25
COVID The global gain-of-function research experiment in glorious FauciVision 45
Dumblebore It's all just too dumb to fathom 121
Elon Musk Arch-enemy of the Martian Mysterons 46
G7-2021 The successor to Rowan and Martin's Laugh In 8
GAAFTIA The Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter Mafia 25
Globalisation The belt-and-braces effort to raise China out of poverty 15
Greta Thunderberg Climate-change conspirators - Greta and the Scoldinavians 37
MEH Meghan Enterprises & Harry - A Montecito soap opera canceling soon on Netflix 18
Migration Nation We are all nations of immigrants - or so the Albanians tell us 17
NHS Wait in line to clap your pans for Britain's ailing national treasure 5
No Topic 70
POTUS The US presidency. What can you say? It's just sad. 54
Russiagate Vlad the Bad and those Crazy Russians! 21
Seniors People who remember the good old days of PG Tips ads before spot the white man 15
Spooks Bring back SMERSH, Mrs Somerset and that stunning blond Robert Shaw, old man 2
The Ukraine Show A black comedy featuring a stand-up comedian pretending to be the President of Ukraine 33
Woko Moano The Sphincter at the Intersection of Society 82