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Museum to Repaint Statues

Cambridge Museum stocking up on paint.

**STOP PRESS** Trump Impeachment Fails.

Trump's impeachment failed to get enough votes.

Taking the Knee Condemned

Leading UK politician won't be taking the knee.

EU Ambassador Downgraded

UK downgrades the status of the EU ambassador to the UK.

Scotland Promotes Self-Identification

Children as young as 4 allowed to self-identify.

Sputnik Vaccine Side-Effects Emerge

As more countries decide to adopt the Sputnik COVID vaccine, strange side effects are emerging.

Arts Council of Wales is Racist

New report finds Council is 'systematically racist'.

Trump Concedes Election

Trump concedes that the Democrats lost the election.

Pyramidal Poo Mystery Solved

Scientists from the University of Hobart solve the pyramidal poo mystery.

History to be Cancelled

English Heritage is to erase all references to English history from the landscape.