plug FNN | The Headlines | 08-Jun-2023

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Greta Goes to Greenock

Edinburgh International Book Festival welcomes Greta

Da dada da, dada da da da dada da da da!

The return of the dambusters!

Flake to Become Less Flaky

New Viagra-enhanced version

Move Over Ludovico

Russia's FSB is testing a new toxin

Black Monolith Spotted on Navy Ship

A 2001: A Space Odyssey flashback?

White Men Can Dance!

Using Neuralink's Gain of Function range of brain implants

Nordstream 2 Explosions: New Suspect

Russian-trained asset suspected

EU Fines Meta

Record $1bn fine levied by EU

SpaceX Launch Mystery Guest?

Latest mission to ISS includes 'history-making' passenger

Who Dares Swims

The SAS protest sewage dumping