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UK | Food | Dumblebore | 19 September 2022

Macron goes food shopping

President Macron and his consort took a break after arriving in London for the Queen's funeral and decided to hit the streets looking for some British cuisine. Accompanied by his bodyguards, the couple ended up at Greggs in Westminster tube station.

Locals reported that the French contingent:

  • Bought a bagful of bacon rolls, with tomato not brown sauce, to take back to the hotel
  • Macron and his bodyguards all went for hot steak slices
  • Macron's consort went for a box of Pink Jammies

At first the group were reluctant to enter as it was full of lads in hard hats, boots and yellow hi-viz jackets. But when they began ordering cappuchinos with pumpkin shots the French joined the line for Greggs goodies.

One of the bodyguards told FNN:

C'est fantastique, le grub a Greggs. Nous visiton toujours a Londres.  Maintenant ... fuck off!


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