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USA | History | Russiagate | 19 September 2022

Nuclear public service video aired in NYC

New York city has released a public service video to warn people of impending nuclear disaster in the light of current tensions in the Ukraine and Taiwan, or at least that's what we thought at FNN.

The video, which appears to show the aftermath of one of the WW2 US nuclear strikes on Japan, simply shows scenes of utter devastation with acres of flattened buildings and contorted bodies on the ground.

The video is sponsored by Alibaba and followed by an advert for anti-radiation lead-body suits made in China. Apparently the suits are flying off the shelves despite the high price and extortianate delivery cost. They look a bit like Tesla Teslies (see previous FNN post).

A spokesperson for I Love New York Big Apple Nuclear Holocaust Productions told FNN:

We are airing this video becuase the Phantom of the Opera has closed on Broadway. The city is now on amber alert for a nuclear strike triggered by disgruntled theatre goers who have figured out how to make a nuclear device off the Internet (see YouTube video: Unboxing a Hydrogen Bomb).

The good news is that our public service video can easily be used by other cities in the USA - you just need to change the city name in the title sequence - since the results all look the same whether you're in NYC, Chicago or LA. Bonus!

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