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Germany | Sex | Woko Moano | 26 August 2023 | 7

Doctors and nurses - German style!

There's a new room popping up in some German nurseries: The sexual exploration room!

The headline on Welt online stated:

Wo Männer Babys gebären und „Mann und Frau“ tabu sind.

A spokesperson explained:

Sexual exploration rooms allow children to explore their sexuality in a safe environment, instead of furtively playing doctors and nurses in the shrubbery.

Each room will contain a selection of sex toys to play with, including men with tits and women with pubic hair.

But children must explore their bodies carefully and no objects may be inserted into any orifices.

We are also considering making a special 'webcam station' available where children can stream what they are doing to a subscription website.

EU spokesperson, Ursula Von Richthofen told FNN:

Once again Germany is leading the way. I will be visiting my nearest sexual exploration room soon to check it out.

That is after I've put on my lederhosen.

Vorsprung durch Teknik!

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