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UK | Culture | No Topic | 18 September 2022

First time a foot found

A meterorite that landed in Gloucestershire, England has been found to contain a foot.

This discovery has momentus implications in that it is the first time that a foot has been found in a meteorite.

A scientist told FNN:

The foot bears a striking resemblance to the one shown in the intro sequence to The Month Python show on TV.

This is significant since it proves that another culture, somewhere in a galaxy far away, has been watching Monty Python and therefore is probably as advanced a civilization as ours - practicing silly walks, being visited by the Spanish Inquisition and purchasing dead parrots.

A spokesperson for John Cleese told FNN:

John is not too happy about this as it indicates that somewhere in the galaxy someone is pirating the shows and not paying their share of the residuals and he needs to money to pay his alimony bills.

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