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Germany | Military | Ukraine | 28 January 2023

Germany agrees to special operation to support Ukraine

Last night, Germany put EU Directive 21 into operation and launched Special Operation "Rausputin", involving more than 3 million men along an 1800 mile front in support of the Ukraine in their war with Russia.

This massive German army, supported by hundreds of Leopard tanks, will make its way across Poland before rolling over Belarus and the Ukraine on the way to capture Moscow to effect the regime change of the demonic and unpopular dictator, Vladimir Putin.

The aim is to liberate all those 'crazy Russians' - as Boney M so rightly called them - and of course to open up all those valuable Russian resources to US-led business interests and Silicon Valley oligarchs.

In order to prevent too much damage in the rear areas as the troops roll across the open steppe and Poland, Special Operation Rausputin will be followed by expert NGO teams known as 'Einsatzgruppen', whose task will be to round up and deal with any 'untermenschen' they come across according to the so-called 'Commissar' order issued by Oberkommando Brussels.

When asked by FNN how untermenschen will be identified, the Bishop of Berlin told us:

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Well. That certainly makes it a lot easier!

EU spokesperson Ursula Von Richthofen told FNN:

The EU expects Special Operation Rausputin to be over well before the next winter comes and clearly any untermenschen captured are not covered by the Geneva Convention so no need to worry about creating lots of comfy Stalag-Lufts to house all the PoWs we expect to capture from the demoralised Russian Army.

A perimeter fence and a few watchtowers manned by machine gunners will be all we need. Just like last time.

Which is handy as we are already unable to cope with the influx of asylum seekers from the mass migration triggered by our other totally justifiable 'interventions' in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Vorsprung Durch Blitzkrieg!

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