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Rail strikes extend marathon

The world-famous London marathon (I ran the first one and pretty much came last) is set to be extended as the ASLEF union threatens rail strikes on the day of the event.

FNN learned that the event organizers have offered a 'strike special' for runners that run from their homes to the marathon finish as an alternative to using the train.

So if the distance from home to the finish is more than 26 miles they qualify for the newly minted ASLEF London Xtra Marathon medal.

But if the distance it is less than 26 miles then athletes must join the marathon at precisely the right point where they will scan a QR code that logs their exact location to ensure they run the requisite number of miles.

A spokesperson for the London marathon told FNN:

The London marathon will go ahead no matter what ASLEF come up with. After all, Sir Jimmy Saville ran the first one in a gold tracksuit and smoking a cigar (he cruised past me as I hobbled over Tower bridge). And many of our top competitors are walking from Kenya and Ethiopia to reduce their carbon footprint and limber up for the event.

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