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USA | AI | POTUS | 14 September 2023 | 1

Biden to benefit from AI

Following another rambling speech by President Biden, the White House has announced that ChatGPT will become the offficial 'voice of the President'.

A spokesperson explained:

As the President continues to wander into La-La land, it has been decided to enlist the help of AI.

ChatGPT has been extensively trained on the President's past gaffes and is now ready to act as his official interpreter.

This means that the President will speak into the microphone as normal but ChatGPT will translate what he says in real time to ensure that it makes sense to the audience.

ChatGPT will also answer all questions directed to the President at press conferences to ensure the answers match the questions

FNN was told that the President will still be able to shake hands, point out supporters in the crowd and stroke and sniff hair as this is currently beyond the capability of ChatGPT.

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