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USA | Technology | GAAFTIA | 19 September 2022

New Alexa device rumours

Following another announcement of progress in developing humanoid robots, this time from Cornwall-based Engineering Arts, Amazon is rumoured to be developing a new Alexa device: The Alexa HeadBot.

The HeadBot is an Alexa device that is based on a 3D scan of your head and manufactured by a 3D printer. This creates a realistic replica of your conk that can be placed on a coffee or bedside table. The HeadBot is notable because it also:

  • Talks with your voiceprint and uses your favorite expressions (e.g. What am I like, Buddy up on this, Work it baby etc.)
  • Replicates your facial expressions (with optional gurning, turned on in the settings)
  • Reads Kindle books to you in one of a number of silly voices (e.g. Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em)
  • Has a tongue and mouth optimised for 'relieving tension' (or 'giving head' as it is known in America)

A spokesperson for Amazon told FNN:

We love the idea of having a replica of your own head talking to you from your bedside table. And because it is modelled on you, you can both laugh at your own jokes. Bonus!

BTW - the HeadBot will only be available to Amazon Prime/Kindle Unlimited members.

EU spokesperson Ursula Von Richthofen commented:

The HeadBot will be banned in the EU due to privacy concerns and because it will avoid our lucrative 'giving head' tax. We need all the money we can get now that we have to buy oil and gas from somewhere other than Russia. Vorsprung durch Teknik!

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