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UK | Health | Dumblebore | 31 January 2023

New backpack makes walking easier

An overweight man has won an innovation prize for his design called 'Backpack to the Stars'.

The new backpack includes helium panels that essentially lighten the load and make walking easier. Now a backpack can be loaded with stuff but not feel heavy, making carrying it easier and putting a spring in your step.

The only problem with the design is that when the backpack is unloaded it floats to the ceiling and can be hard to get down if you live in a stately home.

This backpack is one of a number of backpack innovations introduced recently including:

  • one with a built-in air filter to help reduce air pollution
  • one with a bonsai tree planted on the top that lowers your carbon footprint
  • one with a built-in device that detects illegal wolf-whistling, photographs the perp and sends the photo to the police

The Backpack to the Stars is expected to go on sale for £980 and you need to be weighed when you buy it just to check that it won't literally take you to the stars.

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