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New Zealand | Travel | Dumblebore | 04 February 2023

New kind of round-trip flight

When torrential rain forced the closure of Auckland airport recently, many airlines introduced a new kind of round trip: the Boomerang flight!

As a result of the closure, flights from all over the world had to turn around and fly back to the airport they came from, sometimes after many hours of flying. Boomerang flights are usually not popular with passengers.

The National Museum of Australia told FNN:

The National Museum of Australia acknowledges First Australians and recognises their continuous connection to Country, community and culture.

It's bonzer that New Zealand is adopting boomerang flights. The boomerang’s ability to return made it a favourite symbol for the tourism and transport industries.

Former Quantas airline pilot Bill "Billabong" Heslop commented:

The interesting thing about a boomerang flight is that you never know the exact moment when it will turn around and return to base. That's what makes it so exciting for passengers and crew. Hey Muriel! Fetch me a tinnie. I'm parched.

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