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Scotland | Film | Woke | 28 January 2023

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The new Scottish movie, Transpotting, starring Rab C Nesbitt, is set to open at the Govan Gaumont and the Craiglang Clansman cinemas this weekend.

Based on a manuscript discovered in an Edinburgh wastebin and thought to be an early work by none other than J K Rowling, Transpotting taps into the latest teenage craze in Scotland - changing your gender.

Drug dealer Mark "Rent Boy/Girl" Renton is imprisoned after supplying gender changing drugs to children under 16 and while he is in Barlinnie jail, his head is rammed down a toilet and he is raped after claiming that 'only women bleed'.  

In return for his release, Mark agrees to take part in an extreme gender-changing program known as the Ludovico Stonewall Technique consisting of being forced to watch endless episodes of Are You Being Served? and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

Eventually Mark is released and ends up sharing a flat in London with a new friend called Alex who introduces him to Beethoven, devotchkas and a bit of the old ultra-violence.

The film ends with a scene of Mark and Alex kicking a tramp to death to the tune of 'I am what I am' by Gloria Gaynor.

It's a rather depressing film and not something I would walk 500 miles to see.

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