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USA | Technology | GAAFTIA | 29 January 2023


In order to counter the existential threat to its search engine posed by OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's multibillion dollar investment in the AI tech company, Google has recalled its founders and is preparing an innovative response.

Google is rumoured to be taking a wholly different approach to answering search questions: Using humans.

A Google spokesperson explained:

AI can never compete with humans so we have decided to build a vast call-center where literally millions of people will field search requests in real-time to provide optimum answers to any question.

Essentially search questions will be handed-off to call-center humans who in turn will search for the answer using our 'legacy' search engine and then respond to the search request with a set of links - coupled with appropriate advertising of course.

We call this CI - Curated Intelligence - and we think it will give AI a run for its money.

China's President Xi has proposed that the new Shangri-La call-center be located in Tibet where there is plenty of cheap hydroelectric power available to run it and the only downside is that all the lights will go off in India while the CI call-center is operating.



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