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UK | Culture | BBC | 09 September 2023 | 2

Not enough lies being told on CVs

Marianna Spring is the latest potential recruit to the BBC's disinformation unit who has been turned down.

A spokesperson explained:

The BBC's disinformation unit must be held to the highest standards of mendacity and that's something within the BBC!

Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, Ms Spring only told one big porkie on her CV and that is not enough to gain a place in our elite disinformation unit. 

We expected more lies and more creative disinformation on her CV.

Australian author Bill "Jeffrey" Heslop, known to be both economical with the truth and occasionally quite fragrant, commented:

I thought the whole of the BBC was a state-sponsored disinformation unit?

Isn't their tagline 'Question Less'? Especially if a news item is anything to do with Brexit/Farage or Trump.

Hey Muriel! fetch me a tinny. I'm parched.

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