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Red Fire Ants

The UK is facing a new immigration crisis in the form of Red Fire Ants that have now reached the Son-Gat camp in France and have been found in the bilges of the Bibby Stockholm immigrant hostel moored off Weymouth.

FNN talked to agitated UK ants in an Ant-Farm at London zoo, who told us:

Red Fire Ants are not native to the UK and once they arrive en-masse will overwhelm the country's existing ant farms and put a burden on indigenous food supplies.

For example, the red wood ant of southern England, Formica rufa, can bring in up to 100,000 insects a day if the ant colony is large and well established.

They will also eat us as ants are cannibals.

A Labour-party opposition spokesperson told FNN:

The government of 'inaction man' Rishi Sunak can't even stop the flow of human immigrants so how is it going to stop ants?

We simply don't have enough stocks of RAID as we've sent them all to the Ukraine for use in the trenches as foot powder.

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